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Evolution Obstacles Challenges

Welcome to HOD publishing platform. There's allot to cover in this edition, so before we begin the dialog to address some of the more complex and divisive issues within the community and amongst the different groups of Rastafarians, we'll first look at the disputed origins of Rastafari, and then do a rational analysis of some of the claims and assertions that still remains a baffling enigma to many.

Over the years there's been allot of wild assumptions and unsubstantiated claims made about the origins, concept, and meaning of Rastafari without any tangible evidence, historical record or irefutable facts to support them. Obviously, there's never been any serious concerted effort from the Rastafari community to address some of the misguided perceptions about Rastafari, so they remain unanswered questions, lingering and challenges that Rasta will have to overcome.

Unanswered Questions

Apparently, there are several reasons why the Rastafari community haven't been able to provide a cohesive, rational and unambiguous explanation to some of the claims, assertions, and unanswered questions. These are complex issues to discuss, so to engage in any serious dialog to address them requires some neutrality, and the capacity to absorb and respect diverse views and opinions even if you do not agree with them.

Changing Times

Since the emergence of Rastafari, technology and Knowledge has increased, and the internet has become a Global repository for accurate historical records and verified information on almost any thing you can think of, so unsubstantiated claims, vague explanations and answers to questions can be easily checked, verified or dispelled.

At some point, Rastafarians will have to acknowledge truth and accept reality without feeling guilty of anything, or less relevant in a ever changing world, they cannot just stay on the defence and continue to perpetuated and defend unsubstantiated claims as facts.