About HOD Publishing

Welcome to the (HOD). Houseofdread multimedia web application created and managed by Mykal Kumasi Jones, a musicians, song/writer, music producer and freelance web author In Newport, Rhode Island.

Website History

Allot has changed since the first publication of Houseofdread in 2003, but the commitment to users of the site over the years remain the same amidst the changes, new technological challenges and shifting dynamics of the web.

This is the latest edition of the site and It's packed with multimedia content, enhanced photography, image and graphics effects, world language translator, and new original content from the author of HOD and featured authors on the site.

Over the years there's been several edition of the site where the emphasis was on content diversity and online marketing, but the last edition before this was mainly a musicians and music promotion platform, so if you never saw that version don't worry, you're not missing anything.

New Design Focus

The newly designed House Of Dread is a much more detailed and focused website, It's exclusively about the history of Rastafari in Jamaica, the Caribbean and around the world.