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Arrival Of Haile Selassie in Jamaica

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Greetings! Welcome to House Of Dread revised perspectives on the history, culture, and religious practise of Rastafarians. This edition features a rationalistic review of the origins, concept, history, and evolution of the rastafari movement in the Caribbean and around the world.

Haile Selassie In Jamaica

The main directory is a compilation of online Videos, photos, documentary, and rare archival video footage of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia arrival on the island of Jamaica.

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The article section features a paletable menu of original content, rare and new reading materials from various authors, scholars, and independent writers covering a wide range of topics.


There's allot about the Rastafari movement that haven't been published before. Explore the site and learn all about the globalization of Rastafari, the emergence of different Rastafarians groups, ideologies, and religious concepts.

Rastafari Resources Online

The submenu is a list of relevant websites that provide additional resources and different perspectives on Rastafari history and more about Rastafarian culture.

Rastafari Culture Review

Rasta and reggae music is a comprehensive, and detailed documentary about the commercialization of reggae music and certain aspects of rastafari culture.

Ancient Africa History

Ancient Africa history cronicles africa timeline, ancient empires of Africa, Kings, Queens, economic status and global Influence of the continent throught the centuries.